Jerry Gets Huge Send Off

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- He is popularly known throughout Nevis, as ‘Jerry’. Real name: Fizhull Hosein.

He worked at the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), for fifteen years and persons living along the many routes that he has served, would tell you that he is as amiable, as he is hard working.

Recently, he suffered a fall, while working on one of the routes and suffered a broken foot in the process. Even though the cast has been removed, he now walks with a limp and admits to having severe pain at times, especially when he sits for long periods.

That helped him to make the tough decision in resigning from his beloved job.

The management and staff at the NSWMA, in a show of appreciation for the hard working employee, hosted a celebration sendoff program for him on Friday 13th October 2017.

The brief ceremony was held at the NSWMA main office at Lower Ramsbury and was chaired by Manager of the institution, Mr. Andrew Hendrickson. He lauded Mr. Hosein for his loyalty, dedication and efforts over the years and for helping to make the institution as efficient as it is today.

He then presented him with a plaque and a sealed envelope which he stated “will make you smile when you open it.”

Research officer at the institution, Mr. Vallet, also made brief remarks and noted that Jerry was a dedicated worker who was known to work three shifts in one day, at times.

Mr. Hosein, for his part, then thanked the management and staff at the NSWMA but singled out manager Hendrickson and a few other persons   for additional praise, in terms of how he was assisted by them, especially during his time of real need.

After the speeches, the afternoon climaxed with a mini party to celebrate the retiree.

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