Jessups Community Hosts Second Annual Fish Fiesta

Jessups-Nevis-Center Manager at the Jessups community center, Miss Leander Cornelius, led out for the Jessups community day, with the second annual Fish fiesta which was held at the Jessups community center on Monday 4th May.
As was the case last year, practically every conceivable fish dish was on hand.
These included fried fish; conchs; wilkes; lobsters; corn meal and fish with ochroes; Johnnycakes and saltfish and much more.

Community members turned up in their numbers, following the admonition not to cook on that day.
On the interior of the building was a comprehensive display of artifacts displaying life in the 50’s and 60’s.These included old sewing machines; beds; utensils; pails; the well known GOOSE; lamps and many more.

A sports section even featured the exploits of famous village cricketer, Keith Lloyd Thomas Arthurton.

Visitors to the community center were also able to pass the time in playing table tennis and dominoes.
The month of May has been designated by the Community Development Department as Community month and this will involve activities at all of the community centers across the island on specifically designated days.
The Jessups community was the first out of the blocks.

Some of the exhibits at Jessup's community center
Some of the exhibits at Jessup’s community center
Some of the delicacies on sale
Some of the delicacies on sale

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