Jesus Valdez Sentenced for Assault & Traffic Infractions

Jesus Valdez

Jesus Valdez of Back Way, Sandy Point, St Kitts, has been sentenced to serve time in inHisMajesty’s Prison on three (3) charges of Assault and two (2) traffic violations, namely driving Without a Valid and Unexpired License, and Driving Without Insurance.

Mr Valdez’s infractions were committed on February 5th,2022.

He was found guilty on all five (5) charges on February 9 th, 2024.

Mr Valdez received a sentence of thirty (30) days imprisonment on each Assault charge, all of which are set to run concurrently.

He was also sentenced to serve fourteen(14) days for driving without proper licensing and one (1) month for driving without insurance, both of which are also set to run concurrently.

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