JLPS and EPPS Secure Wins In Primary Schools’ Football League

Two more matches were played in the ongoing Primary Schools’ Football league, on Tuesday 22nd October, at the ET Willet Park.

The Joycelyn Liburd Primary school engaged the Nevis Academy. The final score of 5 goals to 1, in favour of the JLPS team, belies the heart and intensity which the Nevis Academy players displayed on the field.  They always seemed ready to score but just lacked the finishing touches and applied quite some pressure on the JLPS defence.  They played more as a team, but the difference was made due to the fact that the JLPS team had two outstanding players, who secured goals at telling moments in the game.

However, the pressure applied by the Nevis Academy team, eventually paid off, as they secured a deserved consolation goal.

For the JLPS team, Joric Daniel scored a hat trick (3 goals) and Ashley Parris scored 2 goals. The goal scorer for the Nevis Academy was Dejaunn Pemberton.  The goalkeeper for the Nevis Academy team, was also quite outstanding, as he prevented several more goals from being scored.

In the other game, it was a hard-fought game between EPPS and VOJN and up to half time, it was a nil-all situation.

However, a blunder by one of the VOJN players resulted in a penalty kick for the EPPS team, which was duly bombed home by Kamal Brandy.  Final score: 1 goal to nil, in favour of EPPS.

Upcoming matches:
Friday 25th October – 1.30 pm
EPPS v Nevis Academy

2.30 pm

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