By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis- The Joycelyn Liburd Primary School celebrated its 38th year of existence on Sunday 9th October. On that day, school officials and the students joined the congregation at the Fenton Hill Church of God in a thanksgiving service.

Headmistress Miss Barbara Hendrickson, indicated some of the activities that the school was involved in as part of the celebration of the significant milestone:

During the course of the week, past head teachers at the school were celebrated in a real way, as they were highlighted during the morning devotions sessions.

Those who were not able to be present, had profiles of their achievements read in their honour and among those who actually joined the children on specific days were: Mrs. Olvis Dyer; Mrs. Jocelyn Liburd (in whose honour the school was renamed) and Mrs. Marion Lescott.

The school’s Library was also launched on Tuesday 18th October under the theme ‘Travel through reading.’  A special committee was put in place to coordinate the launch of the Library, which Miss Hendrickson noted would only held to enhance the programs of the school.

She also pointed to the opening of the school’s kitchen which provides lunches for the students, as another significant accomplishment, in its 38th year of existence.

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