JLPS Overpowers Nevis Academy

The animated female Teacher/Coach at the Nevis Academy, is adamant that her team ran afoul of a particular referee on Wednesday 31st October.
This as the Primary schools’ Football tournament continued at the ET Willet Park, with Nevis Academy engaging the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School.
Three goals were scored by the JLPS team within the first ten minutes of the game, much to the chagrin of the Nevis Academy supporters who are insisting that all three of them were off side goals!
The fact that the organizers had the referee replaced by Carl Tuckett, soon after that, is instructive.
No more goals were scored for the remainder of the match, as the Nevis Academy team defended stoutly, with the tough Anthony Archibald ensuring that virtually nothing nor no one, got past him.
Final score: JLPS 3 Nevis Academy nil
Meanwhile, CPS will engage VOJN at 1.30 pm today, at the ET Willet Park.
The other matches for this week will be played on Friday 2nd November.

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