JLPS Overpowers Nevis Academy

By: Curtis Morton

The action in the 2014 Giant Malt sponsored Primary School Football league n Nevis, continued at the ET Willet Park on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

The Nevis Academy team supported by a full entourage of teachers and students came up against the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS) in a B division fixture.
From the time Referee Malcolm Ramsey blew the whistle to commence the game, the action was fast and furious, right up to the final whistle.

The Nevis Academy team certainly played a spirited game but just failed to convert at least three clear chances.

The JLPS team on the other hand was able to hit the back of the net twice, thanks to the consistent efforts of the fleet footed and determined Jareece Browne.
The dapper player was very aggressive at the top and was the main difference between the two teams.

Final score: JLPS 2 Nevis Academy 0

Teacher at the Nevis Academy, Ms Udorna Liburd indicated that she was proud of her team and expected better results in future games.

Coach for the JLPS team, Keneisha Powell also indicated that she was very pleased with the performance of her team and especially the outstanding efforts of Jareece Browne. She noted that the young player was not in the original team but after looking at him during practice, she made sure that he was included in the starting team.

There will be no matches in the league today and a meeting scheduled for later today will determine whether or not matches will be played on Saturdays as currently indicated on the schedule. There have been some dissensions on the issue.

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