JLPS To Host 8th Annual Kids Athletics

Coaches at the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, Kurvin Wallace and Romisha Malone, teamed up in an interview with NTV Sports to speak about the upcoming KIDS ATHLETICS’ program, which will be held as part of the school’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

During the interview, it was revealed that the wonderful program, which is CHILD FRIENDLY, is in its eight year.

Wallace indicated that some of the local coaches on the island went to a seminar in 2009 and ‘it’s all about empowerment. We learnt so many things that I decided that I had to share it around and so I conceptualized the KIDS’ ATHLETICS program,’ he said. It started in 2010.

He noted that coming out of the same workshop, Eddy Caines, Coach at the St. Thomas’ Primary School, conceptualized the Skipping competition and other coaches are planning to come up with other innovative ideas.

The KIDS’ ATHLETICS will be a day of fun and an atmosphere of camaraderie between the schools. All of the public and private Primary schools on the island have been invited to participate and most of them have already indicated that they will be present.

The coaches took great pains to explain that unlike the Interprimary meet, it is not a competition between the schools. Instead, athletes from all of the schools will be placed into separate teams. Therefore one team, may have students from six different schools.

At the end of the day however, the best male and female athlete will be honoured.

The event takes place next week Friday -19th October at the Hard times playing field and will commence at 1 pm sharp.

The school’s kitchen will also be on hand and snacks and drinks will be on sale. There will also be a local DJ on hand to provide musical entertainment.

The day’s activities will feature six stations and will focus on RUNNING, JUMPING and THROWING. It will involve such exciting events as standing jump; backward overhead throw; jumping on a box; running and jumping over hurdles.

The two coaches took time out to appeal to parents, siblings and members of the general public, to come out and be a part of this exciting day.

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