By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—The Nevis Academy, a privately owned primary school  on the island of Nevis, continues to make waves with its innovative programs and stimulating teaching techniques.

On Friday 20th May, the school hosted a speech contest which involved six students, mainly from grades five and six and grade four, represented by the diminutive Luare Rodriguez, who actually had to stand on a box to get to the microphone, but who also made excellent presentations.

The program was ably chaired by Youth Development Officer, Mr. Stephan Joseph and the teachers and parents of the school were greatly assisted by Coordinator of the Youth Department, Miss Zahnela Claxton and her staff, in coordinating the event.

Among those addressing the impressive gathering, was headmistress Mrs. Lucia Wilkerson who noted that ‘speech is power,’ as quoted from Ralph WALDO Emerson.

She stated that one of the purposes of the contest, was for the students to express themselves and share their ideas.

Education officer, Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion congratulated the Nevis Academy and referred to the institution as a place of ‘learning; transformation and discovery.’

She also had warm words of commendation for WARNER’S ONE STOP, of St.Kitts, the major sponsor of the event.

The contest consisted of two segments:

A prepared speech segment and an impromptu speech segment.

The prepared speech segment was based on the topic: “The impact of Social media on society. “

The participants were expected to elaborate on the topic for a maximum of five minutes.

Then there was an impromptu speech section where the students randomly picked topics from a bag and were given five minutes to prepare and then present to the audience.

Generally, all of the presenters were very well informed and articulate in their presentations and the Judges admitted to a bit of head scratching, in determining the overall winner.

However, at the end of their discourse, Jonathan Essien was announced as the big winner on the day.

Final points:

Jonathan Essien-448 points-champion

Rebecca Chowtipersad-431 points

Mikeal Maynard -396 points

Amadi Byron-369 points

Luare Rodriguez -362 points

Odecia Edwards -338 points


The Timers for the event were: Alphonso Henry and Lanissa Burke and the

Judges were: Terrance Wallace; Janelle Nisbett and Eutha TRISH Taylor.

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