Junior Health Minister Brandy-Williams officially commissions new DR system at Alexandra Hospital

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 16, 2019) — Members of the public using the services of the X-Ray Unit at the Alexandra Hospital on Nevis, can expect a less time consuming process, thanks to the installation of a Direct Radiography (DR) system at the unit on September 17, 2019.

Mrs. Karema David, Radiographer at the Alexandra Hospital points to the newly commissioned Direct Radiography system in the X-Ray Unit at the Alexandra Hospital on October 11, 2019

Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, Junior Minister of Health in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) officially commissioned the new system on October 11, 2019, and expressed gratitude to those who identified the need for the technologically advanced system.

“I would like to commend the technicians at Alexandra who would have thought it best to improve the efficiency at the hospital, and so the administration has come to their call and would have spent in the region of US $42,000 to improve the system here at the Radiology Unit…

“I would like to say thank you to all those persons who were instrumental in making this thing happened. I would like to say on behalf of the Senior Minister of Health, the Premier, that we are happy to advance technology at Alexandra, and this is just the start of bigger and better things to come,” she said.

Mrs. Brandy Williams was also given the opportunity for a first-hand experience with the new equipment. In response expressed her thoughts.

“We have had a brief demonstration of how the new system works and I am indeed elated that we have advanced in technology, and I am certain that the speed with which this new system works, we will see quicker results… It means that patients waiting on their results, it would drastically reduce their time of waiting,” she said.

Also present were Mr. Gary Pemberton, Hospital Administrator, Matron Aldris Dias; Mrs. Jessica Scarborough, Assistant Matron; Ms. Shinnelle  Mills, Assistant Hospital Administrator; and Mrs. Karema David, Radiographer at the Alexandra Hospital.

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