Junior Minister Gears Up for Her Name to Be On a Ballot

By Monique Washington

Junior Minister within the Ministry of Health within the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams has announced that she is preparing to have her name on a ballot very soon.

Speaking with Nevispages on Wednesday, March 23, 2017, Hon. Brandy- Williams said that although she is not quite prepared to run for the upcoming Nevis Island Assembly election due in January 2018, she will be ready in ‘the not too distant future”.

Hon. Brandy-Williams stated that this has always been her desire to run for elective politics and that is why when she was asked to be a part of this government.

She explained, “I took the opportunity because I saw it as a stepping stone to get to the next level. So I am actually putting things in place to run at some point”.

She stated that her current nomination as Chairperson for the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) is a step closer to where she wants to be. She explained however that the decision will be solely left for the caucus whether her nomination is unanimous or otherwise.

“I had no opposition at the executive meeting. I was unanimously nominated for that position. I look for every opportunity to advance closer to my cause”.

Brandy-Williams concluded, “I will and I shall have my name on the ballot”.


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