Just Celebrate !!!!!!

THE NEVIS MATERNAL HEALTH FUND, an NGO giving its humble service to our community for 12 years, had the opportunity to celebrate and honour the LIVES of brothers and sisters who lost their fight to cancer, the warriors battling this dreadful disease and their families and friends who are often referred to as “the other patients” as this disease (like many others) affects not only an individual but his/her family and the entire community. This was a very unforgettable event held at Riviere House.

JB2More than seventy persons, males and females from different backgrounds, professions, religions, tones of skin, gathered and prayed with Pastor Denzil Roberts for physical and spiritual strength to face our daily challenges. We were moved by the song “My God is awesome” rendered by the beautiful voice of Nyallah, daughter of the late Vincia Daniel. We were honoured with the presence and remarks of the Minister of Health, the Hon. Mark Brantley, also with the presence of the Hon. Hazel Brandy and other Government officials. Members of this organization shared with our special guest, our cancer warriors their love and hopes for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow where we can celebrate International Women’s day or Labour Day without one cancer case. We offered a toast for every minute of the blessing of life. At the end of this wonderful event, a huge, delicious cake prepared by Joan Roberts was enjoyed by all.

What an amazing, beautiful moment. Thank you all so much. Some of us who were present there had lost a loved one to cancer, some were still undergoing expensive, debilitating treatments, some were battling advanced stages while some were in total remission. Amen. We poured our emotions together. Instead of talking much about cancer we thought it better to CELEBRATE THE BLESSING OF ANOTHER DAY, with our hearts! The cure is coming soon. We trust.
Thanks so very much to the owners and staff of Rivière House for allowing this magical moment to happen, to all the hotels in Nevis who provided the meals at wonderful prices.

In spite of all what is going the world, in our Federation, in our personal lives, I strongly believe that there is only one important moment to celebrate and it’s JUST NOW, TODAY!
Brother, sister, who are touched by cancer, I am writing this to YOU. Maybe you are in my own neighbourhood or as far away as Australia. Thank YOU if you decided to share your ways of facing cancer. We are touched by your resilient character, faith, strength, hope. It’s really inspiring and helps others so much. I also write to YOU who are suffering in silence, to You who are scared how others will react. There are persons in our society, who wrongly believe that cancer can be transmitted by a hug. It’s just not true. We need that hug!!.

I am thinking about YOU, who just got the diagnosis and are wondering what is going to happen with your little children, your husband, the material things that you work so hard for. For YOU who are scared to lose your job because your body is simply not the same to perform your duties. For YOU who believe that it is not worth it to get treated because death is imminent, because you know of so many who died in spite of extremely expensive treatments. For YOU who after overcoming the difficult treatments were told that you are CANCER FREE but get really scared each time you visit the doctor for follow ups. For YOU who panic if you feel any simple pain. The idea of “the cancer coming back” can haunt us and our loved ones everyday. For YOU, who were told today that CANCER is back and is ready to fight with more knowledge than before, with the great conviction that you will beat it again or YOU who are depressed to the extreme even is you are cancer FREE. Depression is so common among us.

Yes. Our lives have changed drastically. I understand you a lot more now.” Life is unpredictable, can turn 360 degrees at any moment” I heard that so many times but I never felt it until I experienced it for myself.
I personally thought that I was living to my fullest, giving my time, my love to my family, friends and the world to the point of exhaustion. After being diagnosed with a very invasive type of breast cancer, I believe I have acquired a bit of “cancer wisdom” I understand that I was working so hard that I was too exhausted to really “FEEL AND ENJOY” the many BLESSINGS in my life.

With every cell that survives in my body, I would like to ask ALL OF YOU, my Brothers and Sisters, NOT to wait until you turn old or sick to give thanks and celebrate life. Do it today, now! I am not in a hurry anymore because I understand that I/we will be here until our Lord decides.
When I see YOU completely recovered, smiling at church, screaming during sports day for your children, being able to work whether full time or less; when you say “ I am a 1-20 year survivor” – you give me/us hope. If YOU, my brother or sister are at home or in hospital feeling physically trapped in a body that is being invaded by this deadly disease, and feel depressed, we want to remind you that there is also strength in acceptance of our fate. There are medical facts that we cannot change but we can try to make “a positive message from our mess”. We can help others to prevent it or make others’ journey easier by sharing our experiences. There is bravery and love in sharing.
We are thinking of YOU everyday, understanding your pain and frustrations and praying for your physical and more importantly, your spiritual healing. AMEN.

As a continuation of our “Loving Touch, Gentle Exam Campaign, the Nevis Maternal Health Fund and J&J Medical Services, with the help of anonymous donors was able to give 50 FREE mammograms and 50 gynecological exams including pap smears during the months of April–June. Benign and premalignant lesions were treated, One cancer at its very beginning stages was found and ONE advanced one. Join us in prayers for these sisters.
Nothing will be enough in our battle for prevention. With that in mind, our next goal is to purchase BREAST MODELS for each Health Clinic in Nevis. These models represent the chest of a female with one breast without any lump and the other with various ones. When you go to the clinic for any reason, our well trained nurses will use the models to guide you how to examine your breasts and identify changes. WE NEED TO PREVENT CANCER!!! INFORMATION IS THE ANSWER.
Brothers, Sisters, if you can help us crystalize our goal, please do not think twice. Contact us! You may be saving somebody’s life.

breastBreast Examination Simulator. NMHF’s goal is to place one in each Health Center and Health Unit. Help us raise $5000.00 US for this vital learning equipment.
Contributions are welcome: Bank of Nevis Acct. No.219903

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