Karaoke Competition Gets More Interesting

After five weeks of intense competition, the Digicel 2K13 Karaoke Idol Competition is getting tighter. From a total of 25 singers who started the competition on June 8th, only nine performers remain.

The singers performing tonight are:
1. Tanisha Hendrickson
2. Shobaina Prince
3. Natalie Charles
4. Verna Thibou
5. Techyna David
6. Dwayne Hendrickson
7. Deniese Johnson
8. Collin Nisbett
9. Iyanna Charles

Tonight’s Show will be at Hope at the Patio. Each singer will perform three songs. The first one will be a song of their choice; the second, a theme song selected by the organizing committee; and the third will be the Matrix Killer Round. In this round, the singers will choose a number from an electronic Matrix and whichever song comes up, even if the individual does know it, she or he will have to perform that specific song nonetheless.

The show starts at 9:00 p.m., and as customary, there will be tons of gifts for the audience from corporate sponsors such as DIGICEL, TDC, SEN Consulting, Courts, Island Moldings, and Hope @ the Patio. After each show, the Extasy Sounds, which is arguably the leading DJ Sound System in Nevis, will be playing for the After Party.

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