Keith Arthurton Cricket Training Camp Concludes

It was a case of ‘beating the iron, while it was still hot.’

Hot on the heels of the official commissioning of the Livingstone Sargeant Cricket facility, Keith Arthurton, whose initiative it is, hosted a cricket training camp, for some of the more youthful cricketers on Nevis.

The camp ran for the period, Wednesday 5th to Tuesday 11th August.

Arthurton, in an interview with NTV Sports page, expressed the view that the camp was very successful, with a few minor disappointments.  Those disappointments included the fact that the attendance was not as he would have hoped.  He noted, however, that it was understandable, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Also, because of the COVID -19 pandemic, he was unable to test the newly learnt skills of the young cricketers, in a match setting.

Outside of that, he was able to teach the basic skills of cricket, to the youngsters: batting, bowling, fielding and catching. He noted that there were several of the young cricketers who he expects will be making waves, in the not too distant future.

He also thanked the many individuals and institutions that helped to make the camp a reality.  The Bank of Nevis was the main sponsor of the camp and Marketing Manager, Pheon Jones, was ecstatic, as he watched the youngsters go through their paces on the final day.  He too expressed the opinion that a number of them will indeed eventually make it to the West Indies team.

He noted that quite some money was spent on making the facility a reality and urged the cricketers of Nevis to make the best use of it and to take care of it in the process.

Some of the young cricketers also expressed their thanks to coach Keith Arthurton and noted that the one week camp had helped them in developing their cricketing skills, in a big way.

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