Kian Gets Rousing Send Off

By:Curtis Morton

It was a three in one get together, or better put a ‘party’.

It was an evening of food and drink in galore, lots of music and a mingling of top local cricketers, their friends and family members.

It all happened at Arlene’s (the mother of Stuart Williams) shop, on Sunday 24th December.

The occasion?

Well, the Pennyless All-stars team was in effect, celebrating another glorious, victorious year, having virtually established themselves as the top cricket club in the federation.

After all, they had only recently completed back to back wins in the Keith Arthurton T-20 tournament, having convincingly won over Newtown in the grand finals; Youthful speedster, Kian Pemberton, was set to leave the island this week, with his under 19 Windies team mates, en route to New Zealand and the third reason?

Well, it was Christmas and no better time to celebrate achievements.

Kian’s mom and dad were among the specially invited guests and the young man received sound advice and best wishes from all present, as he steps out into the unknown in the under 19 Cricket Youth World Cup 2018.

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