Konris Maynard gets the job done, Lime kiln Playing Field lighted

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, JANUARY 13TH 2014 (CUOPM) – After years of pleading with the current parliamentary representative for assistance in lighting the Lime Kiln Playing Field, the new Labour Party candidate for West Basseterre, Mr. Konris Maynard, is sticking to his commitment of enhance the constituency one step at a time.

Workmen installing the lights
Workmen installing the lights

ZIZ News reports that Mr. Maynard played an instrumental role in getting a new lighting system for the Lime Kiln Playing Field where the area’s football team, the Trafalgar Southstars, practices regularly.

General Secretary of the Trafalgar Southstars Football Club, Mr. Shamalo Byron says practicing under the old lights made it difficult for the team to be successful.

He thanked Maynard for sticking to his commitment to improve the situation.

“A few months ago, we had a young man — the Young Labour representative for number three visited our practice and he saw the need for improved lighting,” he said. “He made a commitment to the club, he made a commitment to the players and we are here today looking at the installation of the new lighting system here at the Lime Kiln Playing Field.”

Mr. Maynard thanked the Minister of Sport, the Hon. Glenn Phillip for working alongside him in getting the lights installed.

“After we put some behind making sure that the patrons of this field; or the users of this field in the area get some lights, it’s good to see that it is finally happening,” he said. “I want to give special thanks to the minister of sports which is the Hon Glenn Phillip who was more than willing to accommodate the need.”

He added however that they will be putting other measures in place later to further enhance the playing field to a level where official SKNFA matches can possibly be played there.

“This is just the start, we want to make this field a high quality field in the long term but we needed to get something right away because i think it was just unfortunate that after so many years we couldn’t have some assembly of some proper lighting here,” he said.

The installation of the new lights has also made it possible for the Haynes Smith Cricket Club to host an upcoming night softball cricket league.

That league is expected to begin by the end of this month.

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