Landmark decision for a Nevis Political party; revealed at NRP convention

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, August 15th, 2016)- Held under the theme, NRP! Redefining Independence and economic prosperity for Nevis!, the 2016 Nevis Reformation Party convention on Sunday laid out 5 resolutions and 4 amendments that would benefit the people of Nevis. A large number of supporters turned out to the Jessup’s Community Center, as the Nevis Reformation Party convention speakers spoke very clearly on the strong bonds between the growth of Nevis and the party.

Party leader the Hon. Joseph Parry said that each constituency presented a resolution which was adopted by the Convention by acclamation:

”St. Paul’s Constituency presented a resolution about fallen supporter of the NRP, Mr. Sylvester Gajor. The Constituency of St. John’s dealt with health care, specifically the Dialysis Unit which remains rotting away while Nevisians die or have to go abroad for medical attention. The Constituency of St. George’s dealt with Crime, the Constituency of St. James pushed the issue of the Economy and St. Thomas’ Constituency Branch put forth a resolution on Education.

Of the four amendments for the NRP constitution that was most outstanding and the talk of the convention, was the amendment that dealt with the constituency branches recommendation of candidates for elections; “Once you are a member of the Nevis Island Assembly you cannot be nominated to contest the Federal election. Also, once you are a Federal parliamentarian you cannot be the candidate for the Nevis Island Assembly, “said Hon. Parry.

Parry commented, “The Nevis Reformation Party understands that it is best for a Nevis Island Assembly member to dedicate their time and effort to local matters while the Federal Parliamentarian member for Nevis should concentrate on Nevis matters on a Federal level. Most of all, no minister should be a member in both governments and receive two salaries for half a job.”

Meanwhile, armed with the agenda of empowering the residents of Nevis, all of the speakers agreed that the NRP has an outstanding record of assisting nationals through programs and education policies that expands the economic base.

Convention speaker, Construction Contractor Mr. Meredith Hendrickson, a long time NRP supporter expounded on some of the great feats accomplished under the NRP and the many abandoned projects by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) led Administration including the cosmetology clinic, the oil storage plant and the fisheries complex, to which. “$30 million went down the drain under this CCM led Administration,” commented Hendrickson.

Hendrickson correctly indicated that it was through the vision of the NRP and their many projects and programs that Nevisians received “empowerment” during the period 2006 – 2013!

The replay of the 2016 NRP convention can be heard in full at:

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