Large Number of Vehicles Sold In December Stands As Testament to Federation’s Economic Growth

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 20, 2017 (SKNIS): The large number of vehicles sold on Reduced VAT Rate Day, on December 16, 2016, stands as a testament to the economic growth of the federation, says Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, speaking at today’s Sitting of Parliament.

The prime minister said that December 2016’s Reduced VAT Rate Day was the best ever. This was compared to two Discounted VAT Rate Days in 2014 where155 vehicles were sold – 122 on St. Kitts and 33 on Nevis. In 2016, 247 vehicles were sold – 202 on St. Kitts and 45 on Nevis.

“Something good must be happening when more persons can afford to buy their own means of vehicular transport,” he said. “Something good is happening in the economy when in the space of 2 years from 2014 to 2016 nearly 100 more vehicles are sold on Discounted VAT Rate Day or there is a whopping and highly significant 60 percent increase in reported car sales. Not over two days; in one day. In one day we outmatched and outperformed every other period under which the VAT reduction rate had applied.”

Prime Minister Harris said that TDC was the most prolific vehicle seller, outselling its competitors with a record of 151 vehicles sold – 120 on St. Kitts and 31 on Nevis. The prime minister said that the total number of cars (151) sold by TDC for 2016 on Discounted VAT Rate Day was nearly 3 times the 56 sold in 2014 and nearly equal to the mere 155 vehicles sold across all participating establishments or businesses on the Discounted VAT Rate Days in 2014. S. L. Horsfords was the second best performer with 90 vehicles sold –76 in St. Kitts and 14 in Nevis. C&C and Island Auto Sales each sold below 10 vehicles.

The prime minister said that he was happy for all the persons who obtained vehicles, thanks to the Government of National Unity’s low tax policy.

“We know the convenience that personal transportation brings and we would certainly like all to experience that convenience,” he said. “Let me remind everyone that the ownership of a vehicle comes with responsibilities including an obligation to insure the vehicle but more importantly to drive safely and in accordance with traffic regulations.”

In this regard, Prime Minister Harris expressed his heartfelt sympathies on behalf of the government and the nation as a whole to the families and loved ones in mourning over the recent passing of Leshawn Jones and Jershante Bryan, both victims of traffic accidents. “May their souls find eternal peace,” said the prime minister.

On this note, the prime minister said that the government will, this year, introduce certain reforms in the Traffic Department including civilianizing certain functions now being undertaken by the police officers in the traffic department. “As soon as this study is completed the public will hear from us again.”

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