Cricket Operations officer for the Leeward Islands Cricket Board, Vernon Springer, confirmed in a recent press conference that the Leeward Islands Cricket tournament, which has been in the wilderness for the last several years, is definitely back on track, this year.


Springer revealed that all of the participating teams: USVI; St.Maarten; Antigua & Barbuda; Anguilla; BVI; Montserrat; St.Kitts and Nevis, will be all based in the federation for the next few weeks, starting this week.

The tournament will commence on Wednesday 20th April with the first match seeing St.Kitts engaging the USVI. The USVI will then journey to Nevis to engage the Nevis team on Thursday 21st April.

All of the matches for the entire tournament will played at venues across St.Kitts and Nevis.

Springer further revealed that the hosting of the various tournaments by LICA this year, will be a costly endeavour but noted that apart from money spent from the coffers of the LICA Board, the respective territorial governments involved, are also making significant monetary inputs into the hosting of the said tournaments.

Meanwhile, the Nevis national team selectors have released the names of a squad of players who commenced training last week and actually played two intriguing practice matches over the weekend.

The squad reads:


  1. Tonito Willett
  2. Akito Willett
  3. Jason Campbell
  4. Ross Powell
  5. Junie Williams
  6. Dymon Parris
  7. Shelton Forbes
  8. Kian Pemberton
  9. Javari Tyson
  10. Zavario Forbes
  11. Adelvin Phillip
  12. Andre Browne
  13. Kejel Tyson
  14. Colin Archibald
  15. Tewan Prentice
  16. Javia Liburd
  17. Justin Athanaze
  18. Kieron Powell
  19. Wasim Mintos
  20. Shadell Bussue
  21. Daynason David
  22. Carlon Smithen
  23. Zavia Cornelius

.24. Ian Byron

  1. Clyje Smithen
  2. Marcus Duberry
  3. Shevon Jeffers
  4. Rajendra Balgobin
  5. Jamie Cornelius

30.Hakeem Harvey

31.Duan Webbe

32.Jamoy Tyson

33.Saeed Williams

  1. Nelson Boland
  2. Nigel Browne

36.Shaquille Browne

Coach-Bernette NUTSY Thompson


Worthy of note, is that former West Indies star opener, Kieran Powell, has also indicated his availability for the tournament.

Nevis’ Cricketing chief, Denrick Liburd, is urging the sporting public to come out in their numbers to support the local team.

The matches will be offered free of cost to the general public.

The schedule of matches for this week and weekend, is as follows:

Wednesday 20th April—St.Kitts v USVI at Moyneux-9.30 am

Thursday 21st April-Nevis v USVI at ETW-9.30 am

Saturday 23rd April:

Antigua & Barbuda v Anguilla at Molyneux-9.30 am

USVI v St.Maarten at St.Paul’s-9.30 am

BVI V Montserrat at Warner Park-930 am

St.Kitts v Nevis at ETW-9.30 am

Sunday 24th April:

Nevis v Anguilla at the ETW-9.30 am

Montserrat v St.Maarten at Molyneux-9.30 am

USVI V BVI at St.Paul’s-9.30 am

St.Kitts v Antigua & Barbuda at Warner park-1.00 pm

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