Legal Professions Bill before Year End –Ag Levi Peter

Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica Website

Hon Attorney General, Levi Peter, has committed to finalising the Legal Professions Bill by the end of this year.

This new legislation has been under development for some time and is meant to protect both lawyers and clients and provide recourse in cases of professional misconduct by members of the judiciary.

The Dominica Bar Association has been called to make its recommendations during the process.

“Within the chambers of the Attorney-General, I am still working towards that date and I am encouraged that the Bar Association has convened a further meeting…to invite members to participate in reviewing and commenting on that Bill.”

He appeals for that submission “in the soonest possible time.”

Hon Peter has asserted that the process will not be delayed any further since he sees this Bill as absolutely necessary.

“I’m sure we will all agree that an effective piece of legislation which governs the operations of the Bar in all of its various aspects will be to the benefit of practitioners as well as members of the public and will contribute in no short measure to an increase in access to justice.”

President of the Dominica Bar Association, Mary Roberts has assured the full support of the association in the development of the Legal Professions Bill.

Her Ladyship the Chief Justice of the OECS Supreme Court, Dame Janice Pereira has called on Governments to improve access to justice in their countries.

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