LIME: “SPIN in the Square”

Basseterre, St. Kitts: 19th June, 2014.  Friday June 13th, the Independence Square in downtown Basseterre was abuzz with excitement when the first ever LIME and Life Fitness Centre, Spin Showcase dubbed “SPIN in the Square” Took place.

So what is Spin you ask?  Spin or Spinning is basically a form of high-intensity exercise using a stationary exercise bicycle in a classroom setting.

A typical Spin class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling. The routines are designed to simulate terrain situations encountered in actual bicycle rides, including hill climbs, sprints and interval training.

The instructor uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate the students to work harder. Most instructors lead what is called an interval ride – this is where students sprint, run, climb, and jump all in the same ride, with no particular pattern to the exercises. This first ever spin event led by Life Fitness Centre Spin instructors Dwayne Hutchinson and Norval McCall saw some 23 participants conducting an hour long Spin Class demonstration to the general public at Independence Square.

The event drew rave reviews from fitness enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike.

LIME fully understands and appreciates that every choice that we make is ultimately a Lifestyle Choice, and as such, is proud to have partnered with Life Fitness Centre in showcasing and promoting just one of the many positive Lifestyle choices one can make for healthy living.

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