Lindsay Grant Receives Powerful Endorsements from Team UNITY

Basseterre, St. Kitts June 7th , 2014, :-The man who by all counts will win constituency #4, if free and fair elections were held today is Lindsay Fitz Patrick Grant. Thursday night a highly energized crowd heard Lindsay Grant make the case for his election to Parliament.

The huge audience heard two former political opponents endorse the former People’s Action Movement Leader, Mr. Grant, as the better person to fulfill the awesome responsibility as Member of Parliament for Constituency # 4. Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, the country’s most popular politician according to the Don Anderson’s polls and the Hon Sam Condor, who has served as the country’s longest serving Deputy Prime Minister, both invited the people of #4 to vote for Mr. Grant and reject the non-performer Glen Ghost Phillip. Dr Harris commended Grant’s resilience, caring and compassion. He said in his Cabinet he would welcome persons who would serve with humility and justice.

He argued that there is much that Lindsay Grant can offer the country based on his experience as sportsman, sports administrator, businessman and senior lawyer. I have no doubt as to his qualifications and competence. He has made a success of his life and I want him to help our people realize that as he rose from humble beginnings of the poultry farm so too they can rise to higher level of life and accomplishment.

Dr Harris said that so many people have gone to Grant, having failed to find or receive support from Glen Ghost Phillip, and Mr. Grant has with a heart of caring and compassion assisted them. In articulating plans to improve the Fisheries Complex in Old Road, the haul out ramps and decking facility , Dr Harris said Glen Ghost Phillip had not done well in advocacy, agitation or delivery for the people in #4. He warned the people not to be fooled by the last minute plans to build homes which will not be completed before the elections. “For 4 years of a 5 year term they have not built even 50 homes, how will they build 1000 in the 7 months,” Dr Harris also outlined special support for farmers, fishers and spoke to the attainment of food security in the country through investment in fruit and vegetable production, poultry and pork production. He said it was not enough to offer the farmer lands without fencing wire, water management systems, support for monkey control and proper markets. Team Unity sees food security as critical to our path of development through self-reliance.

A large turnout at the Listening Tour Townhall Meeting was another indication of the success of the events, and the country’s adoration of the issues based campaign being run by Team Unity.

The Listening Tour continues this Thursday in Central Basseterre where PAM Deputy Leader and Team UNITY Representative Jonel Powell will host the 7th Townhall Meeting in the Series.

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