Charlestown-Nevis—By midway into the production, it appeared as if there was standing room only. This, as the Community Development Department celebrated twenty –five years of liturgical dance on Nevis.

The celebration concert and awards ceremony was held at the Nevis Performing Arts Center (NEPAC), under the theme: “Glorifying God through dance.’

The enchanting session which ran without a break, for over two hours, was ably chaired by Pastor Ron Daniel who asked churches and businesses to throw their full support behind such dance groups that sought to give honour and glory to God.

The national anthem was beautifully rendered by Joyelle Phillip and the opening prayer was delivered by Rev. Othniel Daly.

The NEPAC dancers then stunned the audience with a thrilling ice breaker.

Remarks were delivered by Sister Delicia Julius who admonished all to seek to give honour and praise to God in whatever way possible and asked the dancers to ‘dance as unto the Lord’ and not just for show or entertainment.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, noted that liturgical dance was first introduced to Nevis twenty-five years ago at the Jessups New Testament Church of God, through the instrumentality of now Director of the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Nisbett-Meloney. He recognized her as a ‘trend setter’ and noted that those early years were not easy for her and her newly formed dance group, as some churches saw such dances as ‘carnal and sinful.’

However, they persevered and Mrs. Meloney along with others helped to spread the act of worshipping God through dance, to most of the other churches on the island. Glasgow declared that such dances are now widely accepted on the island.

The dancers then took center stage and each group brought its own sense of dynamism and variety to the stage. This included: Variety in the choice of songs; costumes; stage props; colour and flare…not to mention the wide variety of dance moves.

The groups which featured from little tiny tots; to adolescents; to older adults, included: Jessups New Testament Church; Charlestown Methodist Church; Gingerland Wesleyan Holiness church; Cross Road Community Church; United Boys dance group; Shekhinah dance theater; Faith in Christ Ministries; Eden Browne Church of God; Alphonso Henry and Shanroy Caesar; Bath New Testament church; Gingerland Methodist church and a climax by a mixed group of dancers.

Interspersed with the dances was the presentation of awards to some of the deserving pioneers of the liturgical dance on Nevis.

The twelve persons awarded were: Mrs. Janet Meloney; Mrs. Ruth Morton; Mrs. Ivorcia Browne; Miss Jaekeeda Thomas; Mrs. Coletia Lake; Mrs. Delleon Bartlette; Mrs. Christian Mathew; Mrs. Deslyn Williams- Johnson; Miss. Shariesa Sutton; Mr. Clyshawn Wilson; Mrs. Patricia Dasent and Mrs. Tamicia Lestrade.

The awards were presented by Premier of Nevis and Ag. Prime Minister of the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory, who even managed a few cute steps of his own, much to the enjoyment of the audience.

At the conclusion of the main event, the huge crowd was entertained by the Exclusive Praise band in the courtyard and enjoyed refreshments that were provided free of cost by the Four Seasons Resort.

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