Living Victim recounts last words “My children”

Living Victim recounts last words “My children”

By Monique Washington

Just about two weeks after a young mother from Cotton Ground was gunned down. Her friend, Sonia Grant Jeffery who was also with her recounted events of the night and said some of Morella’s last words were “My Children”.

Sonia Grant conducted an interview with a local Non Government Organization called Foundation for Social Concerns this past week. A press release issued on Thursday, April 27, 2017 recounted Sonia’s experience the night of the shooting.

Morella Webbe and Sonia both attended a bingo game on Sunday, April 17 at a local restaurant. Sonia said that contrary to what has been circulating, they never gave a lift to any unidentified persons and she was the only passenger in the car.

She said that the day of the incident they contemplated between going to the beach or to Bingo but settled on bingo. Bingo, Sonia said was a game Morella loved. According to Sonia, on the night of the incident Morella drove a relative’s vehicle to bingo and back.

She then described the events of the early morning of April 18, 2017. Sonia said moments before arriving home, they heard gun shots being fired.

“When we were about to reach home from the bingo, as she was about to turn…we heard, pa…pa…pa…pa. I thought it was fireworks. Morella said we are getting shoot…we dead. We are being shoot at…my children…she said. Can you get out of the car and call people? My hands were already shot…I struggled to loosen the seat belt. Eventually God helped me and the door opened.”

Sonia said that she was able to call someone moments before going unconscious.

Morella was killed while Sonia received gunshot wounds and was hospitalized at the Alexandra Hospital.

Morella’s death marked the third homicide on Nevis for 2017; and the second in Cotton Ground up to that time.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Nevis recorded its fourth and fifth homicide for 2017.

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