Loads of Excitement in Store for Dan Bartlette Memorial Stakes

By: Curtis Morton

President of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club Allister Thompson, on Tuesday 20th August indicated that Horseracing fans on Nevis are in for a huge treat come the 16th of September.

On that date, the local Horse Racing Association will be hosting its signature event for the year—The Dan Bartlette Memorial Stakes.

Thompson’s horse, the renowned MR. BIG PEPE will be on show again in the feature race of the day against all of five other powerful horses in OBAMA; REAL ASPECTATIONS; WILD CANDY; LOWETTE’S HILL AND REAL MAGIC.
He is confident however that Mr. BIG PEPE will leave the competition in the dust once again.

The usual press conference will be held prior to the big September meet and this will feature the executive of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club, along with some Jockeys and Trainers and members of the press. The major trophies will also be on display.

In reference to the meet held on Sunday 18th August, Thompson thought that it was ‘a huge success’ and thanked the spectators for showing up in such large numbers. There was one unfortunate incident and that occurred when a horse from his stable, broke a leg during one of the races.

Quite apart from that and a few stuttering starts to some of the races, the day at the Indian Castle race track was well spent.

Thompson expects the biggest crowd yet come September 16th and promises that the spectators will be well entertained—on and off the track.

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