Local Businesses Encouraged To Reduce Risks from Crime by Embracing Best Security Practices

Police Press Release
Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 11, 2017 (RSCNPF): Local Businesses are encouraged to embrace best security practices as a means to reduce their risk of becoming victims of crimes of opportunity says Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Hilroy Brandy.

Deputy Brandy said, “the Police Service through our Local Intelligence Office (LIO) have been reviewing historical reported crime data and have seen a trend of a slight increase in the instances of crimes of opportunity occurring over the summer months and again in the holiday shopping period against local businesses.

The crimes of opportunity against local businesses includes Building Breaking and Larceny, Robbery, and Burglary.
Deputy Brandy said, “as we identified the trend, albeit slight, we have communicated to local businesses the need to review their security posture, and make the necessary adjustments to their operations and to embrace the use of technology in enhancing their security.”
Deputy Brandy added, “we have communicated with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and have provided a list of best practices to be embraced that have been proven to help businesses in reducing the risk of becoming victims of these types of crimes”.

“Reducing your risk against crimes of opportunity is an ongoing exercise,” expressed Deputy Brandy. He also noted, “the Government has partnered with businesses and residents in their efforts to employ the best technology in security and in particular surveillance systems by allowing for duty concessions on the importation of these security systems” and stressed, “we should all take advantage of this.”
“The foundation of security in the home and at the place of business starts with each of us. Take away the opportunity from the would be assailant, by the embrace of best security practices, and you greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim ” he said.

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