Local Businessman Donates To Remarkable Teens

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 04, 2013 (SKNIS): The life story of Craig Nisbett, 18, and Shyan Liburd, 18, has touched many persons in St. Kitts and Nevis and has stirred one socially conscious individual to step forward and contribute to their development.

On Tuesday (December 03), Entrepreneur Elvis Warner of Elvis Auto Electronics made a cash donation to the two young persons who were recognized last week among the 2013 class of the 25 Most Remarkable Teens in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Mr. Warner told SKNIS that he felt compelled to act, after hearing an interview with the duo on a local radio programme.

“I was so impressed with their testimony so to speak … that I felt [inspired] to donate something to them,” he said.

Shyan’s story highlights her path to becoming a successful actress a feat which many in her community doubted would ever happen. Negative influences weighed heavily on the young lady who was often told that she wouldn’t achieve much in life. However, her mother, a single parent, always encouraged Shyan and established strict rules that guided her to her current stage in life which is pursuing her academic and performing arts development.

At 4 ft. 9 inches, Craig Nisbett has been bullied for his modest stature. However it was his leadership and drive “to be a good person” that saw his elevation to the rank of Lance Corporal in the Cadets Corp. When on parade, his confidence in leading the troops was evident. Now Craig has developed a love for baking and agro-processing and is working to establish his own company.

These stories are typical of the experiences of the 25 persons that are recognized annually by the Federal Parliament.

Mr. Warner said he regretted not being able to donate to the other young people but felt this was a symbolic gesture.

“Often times there are people who condemn the youth for negative actions they may be involved in and when they are doing good, hardly … anyone, especially we adults, applaud or encourage them,” he stated. “This contribution shows them … that there are people out there who may not be close relatives or friends but are genuinely interested in seeing them achieve their goals in life.”

He described the 25 Most Remarkable Teens programme as an “outstanding” initiative while commending the Department of Youth Empowerment for its coordination.

Nisbett and Liburd were grateful for the contribution and promised to use the proceeds towards development of their goals. The duo also encouraged their peers to continue doing whatever they can to positively impact the lives of others.

Senior Youth Officer Pierre Liburd saluted Mr. Warner for initiating contact with the Department of Youth Empowerment in order to support the young people. He explained that this sort of initiative, ownership and commitment to youth should be emulated by all.

Mr. Liburd noted that contributions can also take the form of providing free services, time or advice to youth-related entities such as community youth groups.

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