Local Camp Going Well

By: Curtis Morton

Things are going well at the annual Eddy Richards coaching clinic. The youthful participants are being trained not only in the skills of football, but are also being taught valuable life style development techniques as well.

On Tuesday 23rd July, they received a lecture from a Prisoner Officer who told them of the value of growing up as law abiding citizens and the consequences of breaking the law and being involved with acts of crime and violence.

During the afternoon session, the older participants pitted their skills against each other in a full blown match, which showed that they were learning well from their coaches as there were some outstanding plays generally and some great saves by the goal keepers.

The younger children also took part in a more scrambled exchange, under the close supervision of Coach Wendell ‘MICEY’ Wallace.

Richards himself thanked those persons who have taken time out so far to speak with the children and had high commendations for the work ethics of the coaches.

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