Magistrate Clarke says Police Prosecutor Wasted the Court’s Time

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Two female natives of the Dominican Republic who were caught up in the July 18, 2012 Carino Development scheme appeared before the District ’C’ Magistrate Court on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 to have their matter heard before Her Honor, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke.

Damaris Hunt of Cherry Garden was charged with receiving items from the property of Carino Development knowing that the said items were stolen. Hunt pleaded not guilty for receiving one (1) bed set, one (1) draw set, two (2) electric lamps and one (1) mirror to the total value of $15, 658.00 E.C. Additionally, Olga Castro of Church Ground pleaded not guilty for receiving one (1) GE microwave, one (1) draw set, one (1) bet set, two (2) electric lamps and one (1) table. These items valued $15, 176.00 E.C.

Both defendants were represented by Attorney Dr. Henry Browne.

The Prosecution who was led by Inspector Trevor Mills called its first witness, Andre Phipps to give evidence. Phipps who is the manager of Carino told the court that on Thursday, June 21, 2012 he along with the owner of Carino, Yorne Evick went off island. As a result of this, Phipps stated that he left someone called Shawn to be the Assistant Manager and his duties were to ensure that the establishment was clean and he also had permission to rent the properties.

Phipps further stated that before he left he checked all of the units to make sure everything were intact. He said all the furniture for each apartment unit was all there before he left.

Mr. Phipps stated that he returned to the island at the end of July. He said he first checked Mr. Evick’s apartment and discovered that the apartment was empty. He said he then went to the Charlestown Police Station and after identifying himself as the manager of Carino a number of items were shown to him.

Shockingly, he said that he asked, ‘what are these doing here’? He said he was informed that Carino Development was ‘emptied out’.

He further stated that he received information that Shawn had the assistance of a person named Jose. Jose was later arrested by police officers.

Phipps told the court that after months had past he had asked the officers for the items to be handed back over to him and his wish was granted.

The case for the Prosecution went downhill when there was not a single piece of furniture presented in Court for Phipps to identify as belonging to Carino Development.

When it was time for Attorney Browne to begin his case, Her Honor stopped him and said ‘Dr. Browne I don’t even need to hear you’. She stated, ‘This is a useless exercise. Mr. Phipps haven’t identified any of the furniture’. Dr. Browne, smirked and stated, ‘they haven’t even proven the matter of larceny’.

She then asked the Police Prosecutor why he wasted the court’s time.

As a result, the matters against both defendants were dismissed.

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