Mark Brantley has been a failure

Charlestown, Nevis (Wednesday, January 28th, 2015)- Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) representative for St.Paul’s, (Nevis), the Hon. E. Robelto Hector told listeners to Good Morning St. Kitts- Nevis on Freedom FM Tuesday morning, that “Mark Brantley has been a failure at all levels of governance, and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) has been a failure as the Nevis Island Administration.”

The Hon. Hector noted that while Brantley has sat in the federal parliament since 2007, he has brought nothing to the people of Nevis 9, and the people of Nevis generally. Hector said that Brantley had lots of talk while in opposition, ”messing with the minds of many, creating confusion, giving the impression that he could deliver, but we have not seen anything from him but empty talk.”

“He is all talk, and no action,” Hector said.

“If you go through the island of Nevis and ask a small child who is the ‘minister of mouth’, they would tell you that is the Hon. Mark Brantley,” commented Hector.

Approximately two years ago on Freedom Radio, the Hon. Hector called into the Issues program while Hon. Brantley was the guest on the show. Hon. Hector asked Brantley, “What has been your contribution in the federal parliament?” Mr. Brantley stated he had partnered in piloting the bill on Integrity in Public Life through the National Parliament.

Hector replied, “The truth is, one was passed in Nevis and the people are yet to hear the debate.”

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) has been in government for over two years, and there have been only about four parliamentary debates.

“In the last Budget Debate (NIA), I was able to march all over them, and expose their weak attempts at the blame game on Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, and their obvious loss of the debate in the Federal Parliament.”

“The CCM chose to bring that debate to the Nevis Island Assembly, but it did not work,” said Hon. Hector.
Hector said another contribution which Brantley claim he made in the Federal Parliament is on the Motion of No Confidence (MONC).

“When you strip the MONC you will see the empty rhetoric. Those two fellows who now find themselves in the water, wanting to swim back ashore and take the government became preoccupied with the success of Dr. Denzil Douglas, and decided they wanted to move in. I have been saying on the campaign trail that Dr. Douglas is one of the politicians who is sure to win his seat. I am not sure they would want him in Opposition because it would be problematic,” said Robelto Hector.

“Dr. Douglas has delivered and one can recognize real progress and real change in the Federation. Nevis, under the CCM-led Administration, however brings down the average,” Hector said.

The NRP candidate for Nevis 9 in the upcoming federal elections said the CCM federal parliamentary representatives Hon. Vance Amory and Hon. Mark Brantley have both been sitting on the opposition
benches (Brantley for 8 years, Amory for 26 years), and have simply been collecting money and not making any contributions.

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