Marsden Christian stars in cross channel swim

Chief coordinator of the event, Winston Crooke has confirmed that it is certainly not a new record but noted that it was indeed an impressive swim by teenager Marsden Christain as he stormed his way to victory in just under an hour in the annual cross channel swim between St.Kitts and Nevis.

His actual time was 59:20.

The event was held on Sunday 30th March and the commencement point was at the Oualie Beach, as per usual. The swimmers swam the two and a half miles distance climaxing at the Reggae Beach area in St.Kitts, where an official awards ceremony was held.

The race this year was separated into two phases:

In the first category, the individuals who were swimming ‘unassisted’ numbered 102 and in category two, some 89 persons participated in the assisted class.

The assisted swimmers were those who swam with the assistance of fins and snorkels etc while the unassisted swimmers were basically attired in their caps and swim wear.

Minister of Sports, Hon. Mark Brantley was among the over 500 spectators on the sands of the Oualie Beach, witnessing the event. He also had the opportunity to address the gathering and warmly welcomed all of the visitors to the island and beseeched them to return as part of their vacation plans.

He also officially counted down to the start of the swim in both categories and the swimmers all entered the water on his final command to ‘swim’.

The top placements in the following age categories were:

Under 19 female
1. Hay Theana 1:00:31
2.Wall Rachel 1:10:15
3. Gibson Shannon 1:15:55

under 19 male
1. Marsden Christian 59:20
2. Ricardo Martin 1:00:30
3. Jordon Kai 1:09:46

20-39 female
1. Wensman Christina 1:04:10
2. Gregoire Valarie 1:07:17
3. Blom Amanda 1:08:40

20-39 male
1. Britton Benjam 1:09:50
2. Durbano Anthony 1:19:24
3. Licursi Richard 1:22:49

40-49 female
1 .Hansom Jane 1:07:46
2. Twining Ward Louise 1:15:50
3. Allen Janet 1:20:45

40-49 male
1. Davis James 1:16:08
2. Burtsch Ryan 1:17:50
3. Newton Mike 1:19:23

Over 50 female
1. klein Susan 1:31:33
2. Telft Marianne 2:47: 50

Over 50 male
1 .Schaeberle Thomas 1:06:51
2. Corcoran Stan 1:09: 50
3. Schaeberle Donald 1:12:59

Oldest swimmer- Koelega John
Youngest swimmer- Odwin Emily

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