Maude Cross Prep Hosts Cross Country Events

The parents and other family members showed up in their numbers to support the children of the Maude Cross Prep school as they engaged in their annual cross country events on Thursday 27th February.

Maude Cross Prep cross country
Maude Cross Prep cross country

The children all started at the school and ran through various sections of Ramsbury, dependent on the age group involved and then returned to the school.
The overall top results are as follows:

Pre School Girls
1st Natasha McMullin (Red)
2nd Delinah Spellen (Green)
3rd Tesia Browne (Gold)

Pre School Boys
1st Khaden Hunkins (Gold)
2nd Treon Daniel (Red)
3rd Rondre Daniel (Gold)

Kindergarten Girls
1st Kadaijah Pemberton (Red)
2nd Mackenzi Hall (Red)
3rd Siomara Todman (Gold)

Grade 1 – 2 Girls
1st Azariah Rivers (Green)
2nd Khamaya Daniel (Gold)
3rd Zhanee Moving (Red)

Grade 1 – 2 Boys
1st Jayden Liburd (Green)
2nd Ewin Telemaque (Gold)
3rd Gordon Zheng (Gold)

Grade 3 – 6 Girls
1st Jeniah Tyson (Green)
2nd Kyshani Newton (Red)
3rd Shevonell Williams (Green)

Grade 3 – 6 Boys
1st Ammani Williams (Green)
2nd Lavion Smithen (Gold)
3rd Audie Liburd (gold)

Heats Points 1st Green 188 pts 2nd Gold 179 pts 3rd Red 177 pts

Sports Day is set for 10th March starting @ 12:30 @ E T Willett Park.
Headmistress Cherry Walwyn expresses thanks to the parents n supporters for coming out and watching the cross country events.

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