Charlestown-Nevis-The Maude Crosse Preparatory School has done it again!

As was the case last year, the privately run institution of learning has produced the top student for the 2016 test of standards which are the examinations which help to determine the placement of new students going into the secondary schools, from the Primary schools on the island.

The top girl and overall top student for 2016 is Alexa Liburd-Walwyn of the Maude Crosse Preparatory School and the top boy and seventh overall in terms of placement, is Carlon Tuckett, also of the Maude Crosse Preparatory School.

Headmistress, Miss Cherry-Anne Walwyn; her entire staff; the board of directors of the school and the parents, must all be heartily congratulated for their consistent efforts to excel.

Special congratulations must also be extended to the grade six teacher, Miss SueAnn Collins.

According to information received from the Education Department, the following are the top performers, island wide for 2016:



Name of StudentAverageSchool

Alexa Liburd-Walwyn





Maude Crosse Prep



Jahkela Barrett



Charlestown Primary


Brianne Chapman



St. Thomas’ Primary


Julissa Griffin



Joycelyn Liburd Primary


Sarahi Archibald




Charlestown Primary


Tnajhe Jeffers





St. Thomas’ Primary


Carlon Tuckett




Maude Crosse Prep


Jada John



Nevis Academy

Alexander Caines




Maude Crosse Prep


Richonne Westerman





Charlestown Primary

Test of Standards 2016


Top Three Students per school

Ivor Walters Primary


  1. Leandra Webbe
  2. Azahira Isles
  3. Chassidy Kelly

Nevis Academy


  1. Jada John
  2. Rebecca Chowtipersad
  3. Odecia Edwards

Violet. O. Jeffers Nicholls Primary


  1. Alvano Brown
  2. Saheed Morton
  3. Kelcie Cozier

Joycelyn Liburd Primary School


  1. Julissa Griffin
  2. Shelliqua Charmicheal
  3. Jermaine Manners

Elizabeth Pemberton Primary


  1. Kayanja Boddie
  2. Tazari Tyson
  3. La-Mya Pollard

St. James Primary School


  1. Kiscelia Liburd
  2. Tedjuan Brandy
  3. Horsharie Maynard
  4. St. Thomas’ Primary


  1. Brianne Chapman
  2. Tnajhe Jeffers
  3. Tequanee Morton

Charlestown Primary School


  1. Jahkela Barrett
  2. Sarahi Archibald
  3. Richonne Westerman

Maude Crosse Prep


  1. Alexa Liburd-Walwyn
  2. Carlon Tuckett
  3. Alexander Caines

Top students per subject

Language Arts…. Jahkela Barrett Charlestown Primary

Mathematics……..Jaden Liburd (Charlestown Primary) and Alexa Liburd-Walwyn (Maude Crosse Prep

Social Studies …..Alexa Liburd -Walwyn….. Maude Crosse Prep

Science……T’ya Kelly (Ivor Walters) and T’najhe Jeffers (St. Thomas’)

Overall Best Boy- Carlon Tuckett with an average of 83.67% of Maude Crosse Prep

Overall Best Girl -Alexa Liburd-Walwyn with an average of 90.58% of the Maude Crosse Preparatory School

Overall top student for Test of Standards 2016 is Alexa Liburd- Walwyn of the Maude Crosse Preparatory School.

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