Minister Brandy-Williams Continues In Her Quest to Develop a Sense of Patriotism

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The Hon. Hazel –Brandy Williams, is a lady on a mission.

In her stated quest to develop a sense of patriotism within the children on Nevis, the Hon. Minister, made a stop at the St. Thomas’ Primary School, earlier today and presented all of the children with flag pins.

The teachers and other members of staff were not left out, as they too received flag pins.

The Minister was introduced by her Office Manager, Mrs. Shelly Liburd, who noted that Minister Brandy-Williams was very serious about her desire to see the children on the island develop a sense of national pride and patriotism. She said that the presentation of the flag pins was just a simple but meaningful way to guide such an outcome.

Minister Brandy-Williams, in addressing the students and staff at the school, was very interactive and got the children involved by asking questions pertaining to the meaning of the colours within the flag; the significance of the coat of arms and the required response to the singing or playing of the national anthem.

She referred to an instance where she saw invited delegates to a locally held function, stand to honour our national anthem, while some sixth formers remained seated. She was happy to report that one of the visitors pointed out the error to the youthful students.

She personally pinned flag pins on two students from each grade and officially handed the remaining flag pins to Deputy Headmistress at the school, Mrs. Althea Simon –Liburd, who graciously accepted on behalf of the students and staff.

Hon. Brandy-Williams noted that her initiative started around Independence time in 2016, when she made similar presentations to the St. James’ Primary and VOJN Primary schools and vowed to continue making such presentations, until all the primary schools on the island have been taken care of.

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