Minister condemns weekend violence in Egypt that left 49 dead.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Press Release

The UK condemned the terrorist attacks in Cairo on 24 January. The Minister for the Middle East Hugh Robertson said:

The UK condemns the large-scale violence in Cairo and other parts of Egypt on 25 January that has resulted in the deaths of 49 protesters. We call on all sides to act proportionately at all times.

Egypt’s new constitution sets out a number of fundamental rights for all Egyptians. The interim government should now seek to implement these rights, including by allowing peaceful protest. We welcome President Mansour’s call today for the Prosecutor General to review the cases of all those detained, and where there is no evidence of their involvement in crimes, for them to be released.

The UK continues to believe that the only sustainable way for Egypt to address its current challenges is through an inclusive political process which allows all Egyptians a voice in the country’s future. The UK stands ready to support the Egyptian people in achieving this.

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