Gingerland –Nevis—He spoke with passion and fervour. As a matter of fact, he admitted that he was absolutely angry.

Hon. Eric Evelyn was obviously deeply moved as he decried the crime situation in Nevis and demanded that the entire community works together to achieve immediate solutions to the current crisis.

He noted that the two recent slayings took place within his constituency and stated that that did not go down well with him.

Hon. Evelyn who is the Minister responsible for Community Development in the Nevis Island Administration, was at the time, speaking at a prayer/ march vigil which he initiated, on the evening of Friday 26th January.

The vigil was held in the memory of the two latest victims of crime in Gingerland: Shirley Dawn Morton of Hanley’s Road and Cleon Browne of Rawlins Village.

The march commenced at the Gingerland Police Station, with opening remarks delivered by Miss Joyce Moven, the Deputy Director of the Department of Social Services and a fair sized gathering marched silently to the point of culmination, at Market Shop, where there were speeches and prayers.

According to Minister Evelyn, two of the departments under his watch, were the main organizers of the event viz the Community Development Department, led by Mrs. Janet Meloney and the Community Services Department, led by Mrs. Sandra Maynard.

The point at Market Shop was strategically chosen, due to the fact that it was central between the two hurting villages.

Minister Evelyn alluded to the obvious ANGER pervading the society and noted that this kind of behaviour, ‘is not the Nevis we know and love.’

He appealed to all stakeholders within the society, to put aside the blame game and unite to fight this scourge of crime.

He admonished parents to search the bags and rooms of their children and question them about things that they have that were not given to them from home.

Pastor Londy Esdaille, who very ably chaired the proceedings, ‘corrected’ Minister Evelyn slightly by advocating that the parents should search THEIR bags and THEIR rooms, because the children did not own any bags and any rooms.

Among those addressing the fair sized gathering, were Mrs. Sandra Maynard, Director of the Social Services Department; Pastor Londy Esdaille and Miss Joyce Moven-Deputy Director at the Social Services Department.

Among those petitioning God on behalf of the people were: Pastor Salome James; Pastor Davis; Arch deacon -Dr. Alson Percival; Pastor Jasper Stapleton; Pastor Londy Esdaille; Pastor Wayne Maynard and Mrs. Marion Lescott.

The very dynamic and practical sermon, was delivered by the youthful Pastor Jefter Douglas who honed in on the fact that ‘we are an imperfect people; living in an imperfect world but should seek perfection through Jesus Christ.’

He also noted that as a people, we should learn to forgive.

Interspersed with the main activities were a song by Mrs. Camella Lawrence; a scripture reading by Community Development officer-Miss Tracey Parris; a poem by Mrs. Kim Singh of the Community Services Department; a song by FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES; the symbolic lighting of candles and a moment of silence was also observed.


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