Minister Of Agriculture to Meet with All Farmers and Fishers This Week

In an effort to continue discussions on the way forward for the overall development of the agricultural sector, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Marine Resources and Cooperatives, Hon. Samal Duggins will be hosting a series of meetings for Farmers and Fishers in St. Kitts during the month of May.

The farmers and fishers will be divided into groups and will meet as follows: Fishers are scheduled to meet on Wednesday 10th May while Livestock Farmers are expected to meet on Thursday 11th May.

Both meetings will take place in the Large Conference of the Department of Agriculture, LaGuerite, St. Kitts.

Crop farmers will receive information regarding their session in a follow-up press release.

The sessions are set to begin at 5:30 p.m.

Interested persons are asked to contact the Ministry of Agriculture at 467-1016 for more information.

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