Minister of Education urges CSS and 6th Form students to prepare for post-graduate endeavours

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (NOVEMBER 18, 2013) – Minister of Education and Premier of Nevis Hon. Vance Amory, encouraged the graduands of the Charlestown Secondary School and the Nevis Sixth Form College, to prepare for their future endeavours and equip themselves with the tools to ensure future their success.

Mr. Amory’s advice came at the Charlestown Secondary School and Nevis Sixth Form College graduation ceremony at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre on November 13, 2013, under the theme ‘Reflecting on the Past, Consolidating the Present, Illuminating the future’. The Minister of Education urged the graduands to prepare for their next journey and they should hone the tools and right attitudes that would make them upstanding individuals.

“I want you to frame your mind around how do I prepare myself for the future. You’ve done some preparations; you’ve done those dreaded examinations; you would have had sleepless nights; you would have been calling your friends, asking them all sorts of questions, so that initial preparation has taken place but there may be and I want to propose that there are, other preparations which you will now have to make.

“Preparations not so much in getting ready for the English, Math, Science, POB and all those good things which you have dreaded and have swatted over but it will be how do I frame myself and prepare myself attitudinally; how do I prepare myself to relate to other persons in a different way as I go through life, now as an adult, leaving the hallowed walls and the protective walls of your school and your teachers,” he said.

The Minister of Education urged the graduating class of 2013 they should also have a positive outlook on their future endeavours.

“It is to that future which I want to challenge you and encourage you to look but to. Look at it with great expectations, with hope and with a positive outlook that you can build on what you’ve acquired already. You will be called upon to make choices, decisions and the choice you make could determine whether you fail or succeed,” he said.
Minister Amory admonished the students to use their accomplishment to build a stronger foundation for the future.

“Needing now to make decisions, choices, which could make the difference between that success for which you strive and which you would want to accomplish but which depend, to a very large extent, not on you being spoon-fed and molly cuddled but on your standing tall and strong on the foundation which has been laid,” he said.

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