Ministers Commence Exercise Program In Eearnest

Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams and Hon. Eric Evelyn, are sticking to their commitment to lead out on the national weight loss campaign, which will be officially launched on January 26th.

Both Ministers commenced their rigorous exercise program at the Fit Wellness Center, on Monday 22nd January.

They were warmly welcomed by the Center’s Manager and Fit coach, David Walwyn, who also gave them a pep talk and outlined the seriousness of the program they are undertaking and the serious commitment and sacrifices involved.

Aided by his assistant, Desiree Parry, the Ministers had to undergo a brief fitness test; did their weigh- ins and necessary torso measurements, to assess current status, as of Monday 21st January.

Periodic checks will be done to show the expected improvements and outcomes as the program continues.

Minister Brandy-Williams and Minister Evelyn weighed in- to be released later.

Both are committed to losing as many pounds as necessary to improve their health and lead the nation into a similar commitment.

Both Minsters then hit the gym and got into a rigorous exercise session, pumped up with lively music and both dignitaries not only showed that they were truly up to the challenge, but demonstrated some dance moves in the process.

They were accompanied by two of their supporters from the Ministry of Health, in Abigail Douglas and Shelissa Clarke.

The program continues today at the Fit Wellness Center.

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