Ministers’ Team Edge Out Veterans

As part of the activities for the Malcolm Guishard Memorial week, a Basketball match was played on the evening of Sunday 9th June.
The Ministers’ team, which included Premier Mark Brantley and Hon. Tory Liburd, engaged the Veterans team, in an intriguing contest.
The two Ministers of Government, showed glimpses of the LeBron James and Kevin Durant and secured some critical points for their team.
In the final analysis, the Ministers’ team won by a mere six points.

Game summary:

Ministers 33 C G Veterans 27

Ministers 33points
Robert Morton 12poi 4reb 4ass 1ste 2turnover
Stevenson Providence 2poi 5reb 1ass 5ste 2b/s 1turnover
Dio Hendrickson 11poi 6reb 1b/s 1turnover

CG Veterans 27 points
Clifford Parry 10poi 5reb 1ass 4ste 2turnover
Jenerson France 6poi 9reb 1ass 2ste 1b/s 1turnover
Deonel Parry 4poi 2reb 2ass 2ste 1turnover

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