Ministry of Tourism To Improve Experience at Cockleshell Bay

BASSETERRE (7TH May, 2016): Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Lindsay Grant, took a tour of the Cockleshell Bay recently and met with various vendors and bar owners, as the Ministry of Tourism prepares to improve the area for visitors.

Cockleshell Bay has become one of the most popular stretches of beach in St. Kitts, particularly since it offers the most spectacular views of Nevis.

Minister Grant said that the Ministry of Tourism seeks to maintain the natural beauty and pristine environment of Cockleshell Bay, while at the same time fostering commercial development of the area.

“Cockleshell is a perfect example of why tourism is everyone’s business,” Minister Grant said. “As we continue to develop as a premier Caribbean destination, we must ensure that our visitors have the best possible experience while in St. Kitts. And so everyone who uses the beach for leisure or work, has the responsibility to leave the area clean, so that we can continue to enjoy this natural treasure that is Cockleshell Bay.”

As part of an enhancement project, the Ministry of Tourism will soon begin the construction of public restrooms with sewage treatment capacity. Also, a designated area will be prepared and fenced for garbage disposal and collection.

Minister Grant was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Carlene Henry-Morton; CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA), Racquel Brown; the SKTA’s Operations, Product Standard & Cruise Manager, Melnecia Marshall; Marketing Communications Manager, Saju Ng’alla and Product Standard & Cruise Officer, Austin Huggins.

The beach at Cockleshell Bay is more than two miles long. Well placed restaurants and grills provide an authentic Caribbean mix between fine dining and island style barbeque. Banana Bay, a second crescent of sand, lies at its south-western end and is the site of a Park Hyatt resort, now under construction.

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