Miss Caribbean Culture Contestant: Miss Anguilla- Taitu Goodwin

As a firm believer that life is the sum of our choices, 20 year old Taitu Goodwin has made the choice to enter the Miss Anguilla pageant not only to enhance her outlook on life, but to serve as a role model for young women to encourage them that they too have a right to decide their own destiny.

Taitu Goodwin –Miss Anguilla
Taitu Goodwin –Miss Anguilla

Coming from a family of high achievers, Taitu continued to maintain the platform set and graduated from the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School in 2008 with nine (9) CXC passes and was the recipient of the award for outstanding performance in French. She did not stop there. In 2010, her thirst for excellence led her to graduate from the Albena Lake-Hodge 6th Form institution with passes in ten units consequently allowing her to obtain an Associates Degree in Humanities. At her graduation, Taitu was awarded for excelling in Law, Sociology, Caribbean Studies and Literatures in English.

In an effort to make a valuable contribution to the Anguillian community, Taitu moved on to becoming a teacher at the Valley Primary School. One year later and always ready to push herself beyond limits she seized the opportunity to further her education by attending Cardiff University in Wales where she is presently a student pursuing a double major in Law and French. A champion of promoting personal development, she is resolute in her belief that knowledge is power and that armed with a solid education one can make an even greater impact not only in the Anguillian context but to the wider Caribbean region and on a global level. Life and living as a student in Wales has made a profound impact on her appreciation for the simple joys and beauty of an incomparable Caribbean, and Anguillian lifestyle.

In an effort to become a well rounded individual, Taitu has engaged in many extra-curricular activities over the years but has now decided to focus most of her extra time with Klassique Academy of Dance and Performing Arts. When she is not with her Klassique family, she enjoys reading, fishing and spending quality time with those who mean the most to her.

In her onward quest to become a youth ambassador of Anguilla, she will continue to seek avenues to broaden her horizons and not settle for mediocrity. Taitu, looks forward to participating in the Miss Anguilla Pageant 2012, sends best of luck to all the other participants, embraces and celebrates a cultural explosion, an expression of self for this Summer Festival 2012!

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