Miss Coastal Air Jahnel Nisbett

Biography of Contestant #1,
Miss Coastal Air Jahnel Nisbett

“I think that in some part of themselves, everyone believes that they are special, destined for something great. I was, or I’m, no different I suppose. I was always called weird, and took it as a compliment. I took pride in the fact that I was different, just like everybody else is.” That was the response of Ms. Jahnel Nisbett when asked to share the source of her confidence.

Miss Coastal Air Jahnel Nisbett

This beautiful rebel was born on the 20th of July 1990, to parents Lorna Nisbett and Mervin Burke. Jahnel began her primary education at the St. Thomas’ Primary School where she excelled in academics, making the honour roll every term during her seven years tenure at that institution. Upon her departure from primary school and entrance to the Charlestown Secondary School, Jahnel was honoured with the award of an academic scholarship from the Four Seasons Resort. Unfortunately, her time at the Charlestown Secondary School lasted but one year, after which she relocated to the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School in Anguilla, where she completed her Secondary, as well as Sixth Form Education, exiting with a total of 10 CAPE A’ Level Units. Ever on her quest to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Jahnel is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in the faculty of Social Science at the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

In addition to academics, Jahnel was an ever active member of a host of school and community organizations inclusive of, Modern Language Club, The Journal (school newspaper), Optimist International, Rotary International, Literary and Debating Society, as well as the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement of which she is still an active member.

Upon completion of secondary school in 2009, Jahnel worked in Anguilla for 2 years as an Insurance Sales Executive before she returned to Nevis with hopes of contributing to the beautiful island which she calls home. Here she quickly sought out a community organization through which she could make a difference and found a home in HOPE Nevis Inc., an organization within which she is currently serving as deputy chairperson.

Jahnel confesses that while volunteering has always and will always be a great passion of hers, her greatest joy comes from curling up with a good book while sitting in the shade of a tree enjoying the fresh air that is uniquely Caribbean. She also enjoys writing short stories and has a particular fondness for the composition and performance of spoken word poetry. To this end she has performed original pieces at Anguilla Spoken Word, Island Xpressions and the recently launched NeviSpeak, which she is credited with naming. To date her favorite author is Ken Follet with one of his most outstanding works being ‘Fall of Giants’.

Unsatisfied with her contribution to the positive development of young people on the island, Jahnel made the decision to pursue a career as a teacher. She currently serves as a teacher of English and Communication Studies at the Charlestown Secondary School where she hopes to transfer her passion for reading and creative writing to a generation who shuns the written word.
Jahnel also admits that though it may sound clichéd, she has a special liking for butterflies; her utmost favorite is the Monarch Butterfly. She is saddened by the fact that the species has been dramatically reduced in Nevis over the years and wishes that individuals would do more to protect these unique creatures.

Jahnel disclosed that her greatest pet peeve is someone using their Blackberry or smartphone when they are in face to face conversations or socializing with friends.

Of all the authors, politicians, movie stars and other inspiring individuals in the world, Jahnel finds that her greatest inspiration has come from her mother. To her there is no one out there that is stronger and more determined to survive and provide for her family. She is as selfless and giving as they come and Jahnel would not be the person that she is today without her love and support.

As to what motivated this obviously driven young woman to enter the Miss Culture Queen Pageant? Jahnel whimsically replied, “My nickname has always been ‘Princess’ so I think that it is only fitting that I graduate to queen.”

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