Miss Culture Queen Pageant 2019 Contestant – Ms. Tereka Browne Sponsor: FLOW

Do not be deceived by her diminutive stature for Tereka Shakema Browne is a force to be reckoned with. Her blithesome and bubbly personality makes her a delight in any company. On October 10th, 1994 this rare diamond entered the world to Shirley Browne and Grenville Boddie. This gem resides in the peaceful village of Maynard’s Ground.

Her education spans from the Gingerland Pre-School to CFBC in St. Kitts where she pursued an associates degree in Architectural Design. She is currently employed at the Inland Revenue Department as a Valuation Officer in the property division.

At a very tender age, she grew to love dancing, so having that passion for dancing, she joined the Gingerland Methodist Church Sacred Arts Ministry Dance Group, she then went further and joined the Afro-Caribbean Dance Group of the Nevis Cultural Foundation. Recently Tereka’s love for dance has led her to join the Leap Nevis dance group so that she can further develop her dance repertoire.

She enjoys listening to music, playing the steel-pan, meeting new people, helping others in need and hanging with family and friends. The 1st Nevis Girls Brigade and the Dynamic Sports Club are just a few of the other groups she is committed to.

Tereka entered her very first pageant in 2015, the Miss Gingerama Swimsuit Pageant. She emerged the overall winner capturing all the segments creating history and crowned the first ever Miss Gingerama Swimsuit Queen. The following year in December she then took up another pageant where she entered the Miss Sapphire Swimsuit Pageant show despite her not placing, she captured the best two-piece segment. Moreover, in 2017 she entered the Miss Culture Swimwear Pageant where she emerged as winner, once again capturing all segments.

In June 2018 Tereka proudly represented Nevis in the Ms. Venus Model Competition in Anguilla. She won best individual wear and although she did not place she was commended for her admirable representation and warm personality.

Entering pageants has helped boost her self-confidence and overcome stage fright in addition to providing her the skills to manage and tackle challenges. She is also grateful for all the new friends she has made through her pageant experience.

One of her main objectives in life is to become a consultant in the field of Property Valuation and Management. She also would like to pursue professional training as a dancer and model. One of her favourite quotes and always will be is “Live Your Life”, because if you don’t who’s gonna do it for you?

Tereka has now taken on the esteemed challenge to become the next Ms. Culture Ambassador for Nevis. She hopes that her participation will encourage young ladies to compete in future pageants but most importantly become ambassadors for their communities and supporters for each other.
If Tereka is your favorite, vote here ;https://www.culturamanevis.com/c45/ms-culture-queen-pageant/tereka-browne/?fbclid=IwAR20e_7V62vcnIZKCRZu6Ch0PQEZV-FUca0MJdnZqiZuW8oup2Qj3mewa7U#bio


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