Miss Guyana- Shemina Peroune Crowned Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2023

Source: Associates Times

Guyana: Guyana’s representative, Shemina Peroune, was crowned Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2023 yesterday.

The pageant was held in Nevis as part of their Culturama Festival. This is the first time Guyana has won this crown in the pageant in 15 year’s history.

Shemina Peroune

Shemina Peroune has claimed Guyana’s first-ever Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant crown.

Nevis Culturama Festival extended congratulation to Miss Guyana, who shone brightly among the stars.

Last night was truly a memorable showcase of the true essence of Caribbean beauty, talent and grace. Nevis Culturama Festival said, “Hats off to the organizers.”

They celebrate the efforts of their very own Miss Nevis and applaud her commitment to sharing their unique heritage with the world.


2023 Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2023: Miss Guyana (1462 points)

1st Runner up Miss St. VINCENT and The Grenadines: (1454 points)

2nd Runner up: Miss St. Thomas (1423 points)

Best Interview: Miss Guyana ( 329 points )

Best Talent: Miss St. Vincent & The Grenadines (325 points)

Best Swimwear: Miss St. Croix (307 points)

Best Evening Wear: Miss St. Thomas

Best Question & Answer Segment: Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Top 5

Miss St. Thomas

Miss Guyana

Miss St. Croix

Miss St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Congeniality: Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Photogenic: Miss Guyana.

Best Promotional Video: Miss St. Thomas

She truly mesmerized everyone with her elegance and poise as she glided across the stage. Miss Guyana exuded gracefulness and confidence, showcasing the Jewel of Crown gown with utmost beauty.

Her classy demeanour added an extra touch of sophistication to her already stunning appearance. It was a sight to behold, and she left everyone in awe with her graceful presence.

Aside from vying for the same crown of Miss Guyana Culture Queen in June of 2023, a great sense of love and support has been expressed massively by Keri Shilika Duncan.

She said, “I know we’ve all seen the posts she made, and it has taught us all something.”

Keri continued to stand by Shemina Peroune’s side as she advanced to an even bigger pageant Miss Caribbean Culture Queen. She said, “Now, this is something you don’t see every day.”

Victoria Community Development Council congratulates Ms. Shemina Peroune, Miss Guyana Culture Queen, on her achievement of capturing the Miss Caribbean Culture Queen crown last evening in Nevis.

Minister of Social Development & Gender Affairs; Youth Empowerment, Ageing & Disabilities of Nevis- Isalean Phillip extended Congratulations to Ms Guyana – Ms. Caribbean Culture 2023. The first time in this pageant’s history that Guyana won the crown.

She said, “This was a show I quite enjoyed from start to finish. The quality of presentation and performance was excellent and consistent throughout for all contestants.”

“A job well done to the organizers of Culturama49 who resurrected the show since it was last hosted pre-pandemic in 2019.”

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