Miss Monifah Alexander & Mr. Gene Amory Jr. Answers the Call of God

The St. Kitts District of the Wesleyan Holiness Church

Two new persons have followed the Lord into Ministry and have left for Jamaica to pursue studies at Caribbean Wesleyan College. Miss Monifah Alexander of the Newcastle Wesleyan Holiness Church and Mr. Gene Amory Jr. of the Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Church left the Federation recently to answer the call of God on their lives. Both Ministerial students are in their early twenties and are keen on fulfilling a purpose they believe God has called them to. They join two other students from the Federation, 4th year student Renicia McDonald and 2nd year student Tianna Bowery, both enrolled in the Pastoral Studies programme.

Rev Spencer Watts the District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, expressed genuine delight in the fact that the church has four students who have accepted the call to ministry. He said, “The call to Ministry is not one that many people readily respond to, so I am pleased that we have four persons who have dedicated their lives to God’s service. In this present age, there is a greater need to have more people engaged in spreading the gospel and engaging our community through the power of God. We look forward to providing support throughout their studies, as well as welcoming them at the end of their studies, to serve our church and our communities by spreading the message of scriptural holiness”.

Caribbean Wesleyan College is a fully accredited institution based in Savanna La Mar, Westmoreland Jamaica and was originally established in 1942 as the “Caribbean Pilgrim College”

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