Missing Children Report

Commissioner CG Walwyn is urging the general public to call the police and report missing children as soon as they are determined to be missing.

Police records indicate that on the morning of Sunday 10 November 2013 a child was reported missing to the police many hours after being determined to be missing since the night of Saturday 9 November 2013.

The child was located in the custody of the other parent on Sunday 10 November 2013, three hours after being reported to police. The child was returned to the main parent.

A child has two parents and the Commissioner is asking parents to understand that manpower and resources are being wasted because of selfishness. All it takes is a simple phone call to notify the other parent that you have the child. Commissioner Walwyn said, “We love your children and will respond every time to attempt to repatriate them. As a parent, I am happy for the positive outcome; as Commissioner, I am asking parents to think before they act.”

Commissioner Walwyn wishes to thank all those who provided assistance in locating the child. Please continue to call Crime Stoppers with tips at 1-800-847; remember you can remain anonymous plus be eligible for a reward.

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