MOE Addresses Unacceptable Student Behaviour

(EMU) – St. Kitts, October 24, 2019: The Ministry of Education is emphasizing its strong stance on the issue of bullying in schools on the heels of what is being called a horrific experience for one of our young male students.

Responding to information regarding the dissemination of a video in which some female high school students undressed and humiliated a male student and made it viral, the ministry has condemned the act as “grossly inappropriate and painful.”

In a statement to the General Public Chief Education Officer Mr Darryll Lloyd stated, “Bullying, coercion, sexual assault, and foul language are socially, emotionally and physically unacceptable behaviours and violate the laws of St. Kitts and Nevis. They contribute to an unhealthy culture and atmosphere and have a negative impact on everyone involved.”

The Chief Education officer added that students are reminded repeatedly that respect for oneself and others must be upheld. He noted further, that the insensitivity of some students is a major concern and called on parents and the wider community to support the Ministry in instilling values of respect.

Mr. Lloyd also asked the public to consider the negative impact of sharing these types of videos with the intention of eliciting humour, embarrassment, and humiliation. He asked that persons would help end this type of activity by making a personal decision not to share such.

While the incident is being addressed at the school and ministry levels, Mr. Lloyd emphasized the ministry’s mantra that young people have the power to inspire positive change and make favourable decisions in their schools and in society.

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