Mosquito Awareness Week Underway

Charlestown –Nevis-Mr. Javier Ottley, Senior Environmental Health Officer in the Nevis Island Administration, in using a PAHO quote on Wednesday 8th May, indicated that the ‘MOSQUITO accounts for more human deaths than the LION and the SHARK combined.’

He was speaking on the REFUSE news PROGRAM hosted by 20/20 Vision Radio, on the morning of Wednesday 8th May.

His educational session on that radio station, officially kick started what his Department has dubbed: MOSQUITO AWARENESS WEEK.

Ottley explained that it is a fact that we have several species of the dreaded insects on island and they all spread life threatening diseases, if not just being real nuisances.

These include the Aedes aegypti; the CULEX and the ANOPHELES.

Tonight, the awareness sessions continue on the VON radio’s popular “On the Mark’ program, hosted by Premier Mark Brantley.

On Friday 10th May, the Department will take their message to the Memorial Square in Charlestown and will not be using a public address system, as there is high court in session nearby, but will do one and one sessions with all and sundry.

The awareness sessions will spill over into the following week as follows:

Monday 13th May- Session at the Brown Hill Community Center

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th May –Sessions at the Red Cross Headquarters in Charlestown.

Thursday 16th May-Session at the Franklyn Browne Community Center, located at Camps Village.

The sessions at the community centers are all set to commence at 4.30 pm, while the session at the Memorial square will commence at 9 am.

During these sessions, persons will be given information on the general lifestyle and habits of the mosquitoes, including breeding places, control measures and more.

They will also be exposed to samples of the various species from eggs, to larvae, to pupae, to adults.

The general public is cordially invited to be a part of one or more of the informative sessions.

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