Motion of No Confidence Leader Absent From Several No Confidence Events

(Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 27, 2013) In an attempt to intensify their demand that the Motion of No Confidence introduced by Opposition Leader Mark Brantley be heard, People’s Action Movement (PAM) Leader and other proponents of the “unity” concept decided to stage a protest outside the Jack Tar Hotel on June 26, 2013.

This location was chosen because a Taiwan/St. Kitts-Nevis Trade Show being held at the hotel would be attended by Prime Minister Douglas and other Government Ministers.

Mr. Mark Brantley, however, the Parliamentary Representative who introduced the Motion of No Confidence, decided not to join his Parliamentary Colleague Mr. Richards and other “unity” supporters on the outside, but to join Government and other trade show participants on the inside. So did Premier Vance Amory, leader of Mark Brantley’s Concerned Citizens’ Movement (CCM) and parliamentary colleague of both Mr. Brantley and Mr. Richards.

That afternoon, Mr. Richards and his “unity” allies then held a march- or “walk”- in support of the Motion. Mr. Richards, Timothy Harris, Eugene Hamilton, and other “unity” proponents both participated in and spoke at the event, but, once again, neither Mr. Brantley nor Mr. Amory did.

In a 2013 Operation Rescue meeting, it was announced that Timothy Harris would be Prime Minister if the “unity” project succeeded.

However, prominent CCM supporters on VON Radio’s Tuesday night talk show have vehemently insisted that, should the unity concept succeed, Nevis would settle for nothing less than Mark Brantley being named Prime Minister.

In response to a New York radio interviewer’s question regarding the likelihood of Mr. Brantley being named Prime Minister of St. Kitts-Nevis, Timothy Harris questioned whether it would be appropriate for a candidate from an island of only 10,000 inhabitants to assume the role of prime minister of the Federation when the population of St. Kitts is so much larger.

Finally, questions have been raised as to why Messrs. Brantley and Amory have chosen not to join their No-Confidence parliamentary allies in Court sessions pertaining to the Motion.

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